Sunday, June 10, 2012

Runway Blacks

My mother is a true New Yorker, though she does not live in the city anymore. When it comes to style, shestill retains much of her NYC business-esque class (minus a few classic 90's articles). When I was little, she would always tell me that black would forever be in style. Her "signature look" was black slacks along with a black blouse and silver (never gold) jewelry.
She's right about black, at least in my opinion. Lately I've seen quite a few images from runway shows reveling in blacks. From elegance to sheer 'cool,' these styles have caught my eye. I especially like black paired with silvers and golds, as well as the uprising of sheer fabrics. In any case, I'm fully enjoying these styles.
Yohji Yamamoto

Acne (fall)

designer, yet again, unknown

Givenchy, Spring '11

Designer Unknown
My sense of style is quite odd, and I often find myself staring at my full closet and not having a single idea about what to wear (and often despising everything I own). I guess my fashion sense is eclectic to say the least: grunge, punk, 60-70's-esque, bohemian, even mildly gothic looks flavor my 'style,' if I even have any (I don't).
Om Shakti.

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