Tuesday, June 5, 2012

White, Wood, and Green

Wearable style takes precedence in my life, as it is very much protean (as is my taste). However, I'm also incredibly infatuated with home and architectural design. Home style/architectural style is a much more constant beast (for lack of a better word), though if one had the time, money, and creativity, it, too, could be quite changeable.

 Lately, I've been quite drawn to a modern/simplistic/minimalistic interior and architectural style, one that stresses (as this post's title suggests) white walls; raw-wood accents, ceilings, or floors; and wide windows opening to greenery, as well as earthy-green touches.

 These bookmarks caught my eye immediately. To state the obvious, there is beauty in both nature and simplicity. As someone who has taken to marking her books with sticky-notes for later reference, I can easily imagine my books with a full lawn of these markers in them (my current tome of interest is The China Study by T. Colin Campbell).

  In all honesty, the architecture and design of this home-to-be is more or less the epitome of the home-style that I'm talking about. Click the image to view the outside of the house as well as the rest of the interior, as well as the location (it's quite stunning, and very much worth seeing).


 The wooden rafters are stunning. Even the door,window frames, and table are stunning in this room, actually.

The moss garden above is an example of one of the 'accents' of this design style, at least for me. It's eccentric– but it's minimalist nonetheless. Simple beauty. This actually reminds me of a terrarium, which (Depending on what exactly one chooses to use as a container) is also aligned with this theme. This union of earth and man– which, generally for me, is just man trying to control the infinite and chaotic beast of beauty that is nature– that soft-yet-borderline-industrial white paired with the natural colors of earth (greens and brouns) generates a feeling of peace, at least within me. And home is peace, or it should be– shouldn't it?


 All that aside, I thought I'd finish off this post with this pillow I've discovered on Etsy– Not only could it wittily fit in with this strain of design, it's also just plain, simple fun. It's also a true statement for me.

Bon Soir!

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