Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tides of Nature

It's been nice to go home and be overwhelmed by the greens and pinks of nature. I've been able to capture some of the gorgeous flora and fauna that we grow around our property:

Story time: When it comes to style, I was against floral patterns or colors for a long time. But the truth is, they add a sweetness to an edgy or otherwise dark look, and I love that:

Comme Des Garçons RTW F/W 2012

Raf Simons

Dolce and Gabanna S/S 2012

It turns out that for both men and women, hints (or full blasts) of florals can be really arresting. They have the ability to soften or sharpen any style, when paired with the right components. Alas, this is all I have for now.



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    1. thanks so much! i actually have no idea how to follow/be followed through friend connect hahaha

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